VigRX Plus VS Vimax

Vigrx Plus and Vimax are two top rated penis pills. If you have been researching both brands you may be thinking..

Which should YOU buy?

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Which brand will you choose; VigRX Plus or Vimax?

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Product Vimax VigRX Plus
Overall Rating
Effectiveness Rating 7 10
Clinically Proven NO YES
Erections Yes Yes
Sex Drive  Yes  Yes
Stamina  Yes  Yes
Increase In Semen  Yes  Yes
Non-Prescription Yes Yes
Contents (Per Box) 30 Pills 60 Pills
Serving Size  370 mg Per Serving   1440 mg Per Serving
Customer Support Good Excellent
Discrete Shipping Yes Yes
Discrete Billing 
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Price (1 Month Supply) $59.95  $76.99
Price (6 Months Supply)** $234.95  $384.99
Price (1 Year Supply) $379.95  $489.99
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days 67 Days
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